NEBOSH International Certificate in Construction Safety & Health

Course Overview:

The International Construction Certificate is designed for supervisors and managers within the international construction industry and is designed to provide a sound breadth of underpinning knowledge that enables them to discharge more effectively their duties with respect to health and safety in construction activities and is designed to cover general health and safety issues within a construction context as well as placing emphasis on the specific construction issues that make the industry amongst the most dangerous in which to work.

Syllabus Summary (November 2014 Specification):

Unit IGC1: Management of international health and safety

  • Foundations in health and safety
  • Health and safety management systems – Plan
  • Health and safety management systems – Do
  • Health and safety management systems – Check
  • Health and safety management systems 4 – Act

Unit ICC1: Managing and controlling hazards in international construction activities

  • Construction management
  • Construction site – hazards and risk control
  • Vehicle and plant movement – hazards and risk control
  • Musculoskeletal – hazards and control Learning outcomes
  • Work equipment – hazards and risk control
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire safety
  • Chemical and biological health – hazards and risk control
  • Physical and psychological health – hazards and risk control
  • Working at height – hazards and risk control
  • Excavation work and confined spaces – hazards and risk control
  • Demolition and deconstruction – hazards and risk control

Unit ICC2: International construction health and safety practical application

  • Purpose and aim
  • Marking
  • Assessment location
  • Assessment requirements
  • Submission of completed work
  • Further information



The examination comprises two 2-hour written papers and a practical assessment. Each written paper consists of one ‘long-answer’ question and ten ‘short-answer’ questions. All questions are compulsory. The practical assessment consists of carrying out a risk assessment of a workplace and preparing a short report.


Did you know?

This qualification is unitized; therefore if you have successfully completed the NEBOSH IGC course within the past 5 years, you are exempt from re-sitting the IGC1 examinations. Reducing your required study!