Safety Officer Interview Questions and Answers

Safety Officer Interview Questions and Answers Top Safety Officer interview questions and answers Question 1: What is Safety? Answer: It is a condition which gives you freedom from a hazard,[…]

What is an NVQ? (National Vocational Qualification)

NVQ Qualifications (Occupational Health and Safety Practice) NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) or RFQ (Regulated Framework Qualifications) are work-based qualifications in the UK (England, Wales & Northern Ireland) accomplished through work-based[…]

What is Risk Assessment? The Five Steps Guide to Risk Assessment

Learn what is Risk and Risk assessment in context of Workplace, What is Risk Assessment, Estimation, and Evaluation and 5 Steps of Risk assessment at Workplace.

Manual Handling Hazards & Control Measures

Learn What are Manual Handling Hazards and Control Measures, Manual handling risks and how to control them.

A Guide on Permit to Work Systems by Imran Shahbaz

A Video Guide on Permit to Work Systems by Imran Shahbaz, Principal Consultant at PAK Safety Solutions. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Health and Safety Videos by Imran Shahbaz, PAK Safety Solutions.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work in Pakistan 2016

April 28 To mark this day PAK Safety Solutions, in collaboration with SAA-CIWCE, is organizing a SEMINAR & EXPO on Occupational Health and Safety to help prevent future incidents & remember those whom[...]

GC3 Exam Tips & Videos

FREE video guide by Imran Shahbaz about NEBOSH GC3 exams. Read more for NEBOSH GC3 exam tips and videos by PAK Safety Solutions, Lahore, Pakistan.

“Certificate of Excellence 2013 by HABC UK

“PAK Safety Solutions” is pleased to inform you that Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) UK has awarded us with “Certificate of Training Excellence Award 2013”. PAK Safety Solutions is[…]