NEBOSH International Diploma Course (Occupational Health & Safety)

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NEBOSH IGC Course in Lahore Pakistan

NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Lahore Pakistan

Course Overview

The NEBOSH International Diploma Course is an online/distance learning program designed for individuals who want to progress their career in health & safety and to develop the international knowledge and skills in order to become an international health & safety practitioner.

All occupational health & safety practitioners (OHASPs) need to have a common core of knowledge in order to practice effectively. This common core of knowledge must be transferable between the different occupational sectors in which OHASPs may work, ranging from all parts of the industry, commerce, and the public sector. The NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety provides the knowledge and understanding that underpins competent performance as an OHASP.


Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisite entry requirements, though students will find it helpful to have completed the International General Certificate first. Students should also be aware that this is a demanding qualification – approximately equivalent to third-year degree level – and therefore may find it very difficult if they do not have this background knowledge and/or the ability and application to study at this level.


Syllabus Summary (August 2011 Specification)

  • Unit A:  Managing health and safety
  • Unit B:  Hazardous agents in the workplace
  • Unit C:  Workplace and work equipment
  • Unit D:  Application of health and safety theory and practice (Assignment)


Examination & Assignment details

The examinations are held twice each year, January and July, and comprise of one 3-hour written paper for each of the core units (A, B & C) (three 3-hour examinations in total). Students must complete a workplace-based assignments for unit D. Only students who have enrolled with NEBOSH through an accredited center are eligible to register for the examination.


Did you know?

By completing the NEBOSH IGC course prior to undertaking this qualification, you will have better-underpinning knowledge of the core subject; therefore ensuring you are better prepared for your NEBOSH International Diploma Course studies and potentially help increase your pass rate!


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NEBOSH International Diploma Course (Occupational Health & Safety)
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