NEBOSH IGC Course in Lahore – Special Offer (May 2019 Session)

November 1 @ 12:00 am November 10 @ 11:59 pm

NEBOSH IGC Course in Lahore Pakistan

Special Offer in just Rs. 100,000/- PKR

(FREE Hostel Facility for Outsiders)

Registration Deadline:  Open

Course Fee:  Rs. 100,000/- PKR

Registration deadline and exam dates of NEBOSH IGC Course in Lahore are given in the table below.

Who should go for NEBOSH IGC?

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is designed for managers, supervisors, worker representatives and others who require an understanding of health and safety principles and practices. Candidates are likely to be employees of large organizations operating outside the UK, or of multinational companies already working on international standards but needing to adapt these to accord with local needs and practice.

NEBOSH IGC Fee in Pakistan:  Rs. 100,000/- PKR

Syllabus of NEBOSH IGC Course:

Unit IGC 1

  • Element 1: Foundations in health and safety
  • Element 2: Health and safety management systems – Plan
  • Element 3: Health and safety management systems – Do
  • Element 4: Health and safety management systems – Check
  • Element 5: Health and safety management systems – Act

Unit GC 2

  • Element 1: Workplace Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 2: Transport Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 3: Musculoskeletal Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 4: Work Equipment Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 5: Electrical Safety
  • Element 6: Fire Safety
  • Element 7: Chemical and Biological Health Hazards & Risk Control
  • Element 8: Physical and Psychological Health Hazards & Risk Control

Unit GC 3

  • Practical Assessment Report


  • The examination comprises of 2 written papers 2-hours each and a practical assessment which is formally known as IGC 3.
  • Each written paper consists of one ‘long-answer’ question and ten ‘short-answer’ questions.
  • All the questions are compulsory.
  • The practical assessment consists of carrying out a risk assessment of a workplace and preparing a short report.

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NEBOSH Diploma Course in Pakistan 2019

NEBOSH Diploma Course in Pakistan 2018

Special Offer in just Rs. 280,000/- PKR + Tax

( Installment Plan Available)

Registration Deadline:  Open | Package Fee:  Rs. 280,000/- PKR + Tax

Registration deadline and exam dates of NEBOSH Diploma Course in Pakistan are given in the table below.


The NEBOSH International Diploma Course is designed for individuals who want to progress their career in health & safety and to develop the international knowledge and skills in order to become an international health & safety practitioner.

Entry Requirements:

There are no prerequisite entry requirements, though students will find it helpful to have completed the NEBOSH International General Certificate first. Students should also be aware that this is a demanding qualification – approximately equivalent to a three-year degree level – and therefore may find it very difficult if they do not have the background knowledge and/or the ability and application to study at this level.

Who should take this course?

The NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety qualification has been designed for:

  • HSE Managers & Executives
  • Professional health and safety advisers; and
  • Environmental practitioners

who wish to complete a post-graduate level industry recognised qualification.

Download Syllabus Guide (November 2015 Specification)

course_widget_title=”Course Key Points” course_name=”NEBOSH IDIP2″ course_link=”” course_fee=”Rs. 280,000/- PKR” course_reg_deadline=”10-Oct-2018″ course_duration=”15 Days” course_start_date=”22-Oct-2018″ course_end_date=”03-Nov-2018″ course_timings=”08:30 am to 06:30 pm” course_exam_date=”January & July (every where)” course_location=”Lahore” course_tutor=”Imran Shahbaz”]

Level 6 Diploma:  1.5 Year Plan

Admission Fee:  Rs. 100,000/- PKR

Monthly Fee:  Rs. 16,500/- PKR

Total Month:  07

Total Fee:  Rs. 280,000/- PKR

Syllabus Summary (November 2015 Specification)

  • Unit IA:  Managing health and safety
  • Unit IB:  Hazardous substances/agents
  • Unit IC:  Workplace and work equipment safety
  • Unit DNI:  Application of health and safety in the workplace

Examination & Assignment details

The examinations are held twice each year, January and July, and comprise of one 3-hour written paper for each of the core units (IA, IB & IC) (three 3-hour examinations in total). Students must complete a workplace-based assignment for unit DNI. Only students who have enrolled with NEBOSH through an accredited center are eligible to register for the examination.


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